Former baseball player Lenny Dykstra outed his former friend Charlie Sheen as bisexual and accused that as the source of Sheen’s drug- and alcohol-fueled fall from grace.

“In short, Charlie Sheen is bisexual,” Dykstra wrote in his 785-word public facebook post, “Unequivocally, Charlie Sheen's inability to accept his sexuality, eroded his self-worth irreparably, thereby initiating a cascade of inexplicable decisions that resulted in unthinkable consequences.”

The ex-con ex-baseballer claimed Sheen had former assistant and friend Robin Calamaro killed, the Hollywood Reporter wrote the day before Dykstra’s post. Calamaro died after a drug overdose in 2012. When Dykstra asked what happened to him, Sheen allegedly replied, “'You mean Dead Rick? What fucking happened is the motherfucker tried to blackmail me just like you said — wanted $5 million. I had him fucking iced.'” Sheen’s lawyer denied the actor said that.

Sheen, who revealed in 2015 he has HIV, claimed he paid millions to “blackmailers” to keep that secret out of the press.

Sheen has not yet commented on Dykstra’s Facebook post.