Elton John Faces Protest from Malaysian Muslims for Being Gay and Promoting ‘Hedonism’

Leaders from Malaysia’s Islamic Party will take to the streets on Dec. 1 to protest Elton John's concert taking place today (Nov. 29) in the country’s capital.

According to RT, the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party thinks the British singer’s sexuality and his music promote “hedonism.”

“We will use the approach of submitting a memorandum [to the government] to protest against the concert,” The Malaysian Times quotes PAS Youth Chief Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi as saying. “Whatever it takes, we will not let up on our dakwah work and will continually remind all Muslims, particularly youths, not to get involved in matters that can drag them into vice.”

But not everyone in the country is against John. LGBTs showed their support for the gay performer.

“This is a strange country where at times we are the most tolerant and then all of a sudden we are so conservative and look like Saudi Arabia,” university student Patan Alam told Bikyamasr.com about the concert. “I just don’t care about what others think, I am going to enjoy it.”

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