Ellen DeGeneres has come out as another celebrity who has been a victim sexually harassed as part of a new viral movement.

The television host spoke on Oct. 19 to her audience about her experience and about the “Me Too” movement according to The Hollywood Reporter. Speaking to the crowd, she mentioned how hard it was for many people to come forward.

“From a young age, girls are taught to stay quiet and be nice while boys are stronger and somehow, [girls] are less than,” DeGeneres said. “That is why it is hard for us to speak out. And even when we do speak out, people don't believe us.”

The “Me Too” movement was started by actress Alyssa Milano, who tweeted out on Oct. 15 asking women to use the hashtag on social media to signify if they were sexually assaulted. The hashtag became especially popular in the wake of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s alleged assault of dozens of women.

“As hard as this is to talk about, at least we are talking about it. It's not like this is a new thing; it has been going on forever.”