Did Travolta’s Team Pay $84,000 For Sexual Assault Claims?

You may remember the drama surrounding John Travolta last year: the "Pulp Fiction" star was pushed into the media spotlight after two unknown male masseurs claimed that the actor sexually assaulted them and were seeking millions in damages. To make matters worse, a few months later, former pilot Doug Gotterba came forward and told the National Enquirer that he and Travolta, 58, had a six-year affair.

Gawker obtained an internal report of insurance claims made against the Travolta’s production company, Constellation Productions Inc., which shows four other parties privately issued attorney demand letters "alleging sexual assault" in 2012. They include his stunt double, former driver, and a physical therapist. The report also shows that Travolta’s insurer paid more than $84,000 against two of the six claims.

The "loss-run" report from Chartis Insurance shows that one payment was made to a Chicago-area sports therapist, whose allegations were not made known to the public. The other payment for $80,750 went to an unnamed masseur.

Travolta’s lawyers emailed the Huffington Post and said that the documents Gawker obtained do not reflect any settlement payments but is the cost incurred in connection with the defense of lawsuits that were filed.

In May 2012, two unnamed male masseurs filed a lawsuit against Travolta for assault and sexual battery. One of the masseurs, named "John Doe," sued the actor for $2 million. The lawsuit claimed that the "Grease" star booked the massage from an online ad, picked up the masseur and eventually brought him to his personal bungalow. Travolta then allegedly undressed in front of him before the message began. After an hour, the lawsuit claims that the actor rubbed the masseur’s leg and touched his penis. The masseur says he told Travolta that he would not have sex with him; nonetheless Travolta still offered to perform a sexual act.

As Gawker notes, Travolta was also sued by cruise ship steward Fabian Zanzi, who claimed that in 2009 Travolta asked for a neck massage and then showed him his erect penis. Zanzi’s lawsuit claims that the actor offered to give him $12,000 to not report the incident.

The website also says the reports they obtained names Anthony Brazas, which is the name of Travolta’s former driver and stand-in. In addition while Gawker identifies James Carney "also listed as having made an assault claim," it adds that Carney’s "identity and relationship to Travolta couldn’t be determined." The site goes on to say, "A Thai massage therapist in Hawaii named James Carney, whom we had never contacted or heard of before today, emailed to insist that he is not the James Carney who made the claim and demand that his name be removed."

The two mystery masseurs along with Zanzi have since dropped their cases, however.

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