Zachary Quinto, Billie Piper, "Young Carrie Bradshaw Chronicles"

Zachary Quinto’s gay for Horror

While Zachary Quinto (_Heroes_, Star Trek) has maintained what we might call a “respectful silence” about his private life, he’s certainly never shied away from taking on gay roles, most recently in the acclaimed Broadway revival of Angels in America. (Or from making an “It Gets Better” video, for that matter.)  Now Quinto’s about to take on another gay role, this time on Ryan Murphy’s much-anticipated scary show for FX, American Horror Story, where he’ll portray the man who sells the haunted Victorian manor to the show’s lead characters, played by Dylan McDermott and Connie Britten. Quinto and Britten are slated to become pals on the show over the four episodes in which Quinto is slated to appear – he’ll first turn up on a two-part episode airing Halloween week. So if you like getting spooked by Spock (and really, who doesn’t?), tune in.

Billie Piper’s Love Life is all student/teacher­–y

Once known as a ’90s British pop princess, Billie Piper has successfully leapt the wall into acting with her acclaimed turns as a companion on Doctor Who and as an entirely different kind of companion on Secret Diary of a Call Girl. But now Piper will be getting an apple (at the very least) on a new BBC drama called Love Life. Her character is described as a schoolteacher who, after a disappointing fling with a married man, discovers herself being attracted to one of her female students. TV schoolboys have gotten hot for teacher on everything from Dawson’s Creek to Degrassi, but getting a lesbian spin, from the instructor’s POV no less, helps level the pop culture playing field of inappropriate romance. We’ll see how it works out when Love Life – which also stars Ab Fab’s Jane Horrocks and Piper’s fellow Doctor Who alum David Tennant – premieres next year.

Sundance hit Shut Up Little Man! heads for Theaters

Two Midwestern punk rock dudes moved to San Francisco in the late ’80s, only to be kept awake at night by the loud and boisterous arguments of their drunken neighbors, one gay, one straight and both very familiar with alcohol. The fascinated new tenants tape-recorded the fights, which later led to zines and duplicated cassettes and staged readings that became an underground cultural phenomenon. That’s the story of Shut Up Little Man!, the darkly hilarious (and also remarkably sad) documentary that premiered at Sundance this year, and now it’s heading to theaters in New York and Los Angeles on Sept. 16. (The film is currently available on-demand as well.) It’s a fascinating portrait, not just of the battling boozehounds next door but also of pre-Internet culture, when something going “viral” was a process that took months and years, the products of cassette tape or copy paper. Given how today’s YouTube sensation becomes tomorrow’s has-been, it’s a strangely retro reminder of the extremely recent past.

Are you ready for The Young Carrie Bradshaw Chronicles?

From this summer’s X-Men: First Class to the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man, youthful reboots are all the rage – but prequels aren’t just for superheroes anymore. And while first there were just rumblings, there are now more definite plans for HBO’s developing series (that would probably air elsewhere, most likely the CW) focusing on younger versions of the Sex and the City quartet. Imagine something along the lines of Smallville, only with Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha instead of Clark Kent. With two recent “Teen Carrie” books by Candace Bushnell, The Carrie Diaries and Summer in the City, freshly ready for adaptation, this could all get moving quickly. Early casting news buzzing about Blake Lively has now grown to include talk of Emma Roberts. Who knows, maybe Selena Gomez is looking to change her image; if so, then there’s your Charlotte. And if the show wanted to incorporate a genuine element of the surreal into the proceedings, they could just let Kim Cattrall keep playing Samantha. OK, maybe Samantha’s slutty grandmother.

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