The A-List, Arrested Development, Zachary Quinto, Luke Evans

Don’t call it The A-List

Contempt breeds ratings and ratings breed copycats and that’s why, with the success of The A-List: New York and The A-List: Dallas, comes a reality series – tentatively and awkwardly titled The Fire Island Summer Project – about a group of gay men (and “the people who love them”) on, of course, Fire Island. Casting is underway and World Of Wonder – the men who’ve brought you RuPaul’s Drag Race and about a million other wacky entertainments – is behind it all. So if you’re young, look good in a tiny swimsuit and have a borderline personality disorder that can only be soothed by a life lived on camera while you throw drinks in the faces of your friends and scream, “I’M TIRED OF ALL THE DRAMA!” then, by all means, go online and fill out that application. You have only your dignity to lose.

Hooray! Arrested Development is coming to… Netflix?

Look, Romeo San Vicente is just as confused as you are by this news, but the facts are this: Arrested Development (featuring the frequently underappreciated comedic skills of Hollywood power-lesbian Portia de Rossi) is, indeed, finally coming back for a handful of new episodes. And you can see them streaming if you’re a Netflix subscriber. That’s right. Netflix. Apparently the critically acclaimed sitcom is still such an economically uncertain property that no major (or minor) network fought to outbid the DVD subscription service for the rights to air what is meant to be a sort of prequel to the long-gestating feature film. And you’ll still have to wait: 2013 is what we’re hearing. That gives you time to become a subscriber.

Zachary Quinto was Never Here

The now-publicly gay Zachary Quinto recently appeared in a weird, funny turn on American Horror Story and the biggest upcoming project on his plate is the Star Trek sequel, where he’ll be refitted with those pointy ears. But mega-events like that take time to plan, execute and market, so the talented young actor is keeping busy with a thriller called You Were Never Here. Directed by Camille Thoman and co-starring Big Love/The Killing alum Mireille Enos, the limited information available reveals that it’s going to be a _Rear Window_-style (that’s Disturbia, kids) suspense-driven drama. No word yet on how closely it’ll hew to that template or if Quinito’s going to play the voyeuristic Jimmy Stewart/Shia LeBeouf character or the bad guy across the street. It’ll make a difference in the way hair and makeup deals with his extremely expressive eyebrows, to be sure.

Luke Evans: An Unexpected Journey

By now, maybe you’ve heard about the bold new experiment undertaken on behalf of rising action star Luke Evans (_Immortals_). See, before he was a rising action star, he was an up-and-coming character actor with a taste for telling the truth. He gave interviews to the gay press, identifying as gay himself. But recently, his management and publicity team have decided that “inning” the actor is in his best interest, going so far as to announce that he has a girlfriend. And the mainstream press has mostly played along with this unprecedented reversal of reality. Of course, taking a look at everything the man has on his plate, it’s easy to see why career opportunities trump all. Not only will the Welsh actor play Bard the Bowman in both The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and The Hobbit: There and Back Again, but he’s also co-starring with John Cusack in the Edgar Allen Poe-themed drama The Raven, the horror film No One Lives from Japanese director Ryuhei Kitamura, the British indie Ashes with Jim Sturgess and Ray Winstone and The Amateur American for director Ross Katz (producer of Lost in Translation and Marie Antoinette). How will this strange story of one actor’s dance with publicity all play out in the end? It’s anyone’s guess. And if nothing else, it’s a fascinating display of nerve and media manipulation.

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