Emily Deschanel joins The Perfect Family

Striking while the iron is still warm – thanks to the loving reception The Kids Are All Right received from critics, audiences and the Oscars – is The Perfect Family, a new indie from lesbian filmmaker Anne Renton set to debut soon at the Tribeca Film Festival. And while the title may imply the same warm bath of acceptance that The Kids swam around in, this drama will indulge in a little more turmoil. It stars Emily Deschanel as the lesbian daughter of a devoutly Catholic mother, played by Kathleen Turner. And when that daughter’s upcoming marriage to a woman threatens to unbalance Turner’s heteronormative family life ideal, all heck breaks loose. The movie co-stars Jason Ritter, Elizabeth Peña and Richard Chamberlain as the family’s parish priest. And no, it doesn’t really matter that this story’s been told a few times before in one form or another, because up until now the awesome Kathleen Turner hasn’t taken part. She probably won’t go epic-crazy like she did in Serial Mom, but we can always hope.

Will it be impossible to release The Impossible?

Clint Eastwood’s recent flop, Hereafter used the devastating 2004 Christmas-time tsunami to exploitive effect in the service of a dopey story about the afterlife. So it was welcome news to learn that a film based on a true story involving that terrible event might redeem it as a plot point. The film is called The Impossible, and it’s from gay Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona, the man who gave us the creepy thriller The Orphanage a few years back. Set during that same natural disaster, it stars Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor as people whose lives are changed forever in a moment. Summit, the people who bring you Twilight and more Twilight, had originally planned an unspecified 2011 release date. But given the recent deadly earthquake and tsunami in Japan, how soon will be too soon for that sort of thing? Keep watch on how this one finds its way to multiplexes for a lesson in sensitivity and respectful timing.

Thomas Dekker enters The Secret Circle

To be young and hot in Hollywood right now means to hope for a role in something sexy, supernatural and sustainable. In other words, if you’re not a vampire, werewolf, witch or zombie-killer on TV, you’re probably just doing walk-on roles on basic cable sitcoms. So newbie Thomas Dekker is getting a prime shot at stardom (he’s already been on the series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and co-starred in the dull Nightmare on Elm Street reboot) as the star of Kevin Williamson’s (_Scream_, The Vampire Diaries) new drama pilot The Secret Circle.  He’ll share screen time with Britt Robertson from Life Unexpected; she’s a teen witch just discovering her powers and joining a secret coven that already includes Dekker. The project comes with a pedigree too: it’s based on a book series by L.J. Smith, who also penned The Vampire Diaries. And if it’s true that nothing succeeds like success, this one’s money is in the blood bank.

What is unlesbian Michelle Rodriguez doing next?

It feels like a kind of civic duty to report on the career path of Michelle Rodriguez. It especially feels right to do so every single time she tells the press that she’s absolutely not a lesbian, like she recently did on the red carpet of the Battle: Los Angeles premiere. So here’s what the unabashed tough-gal who used to be besties with Kristanna Loken has on the horizon: Blacktino, from first-time filmmaker Aaron Burns, is already in the can and co-stars her Machete pal Danny Trejo. In it, MR plays someone named Charlotte Foster Jane (which sounds quite a bit like an intentional goof on “Charles Foster Kane,” but who knows why) and that’s about all we know. She’s also currently filming something called Underground Comedy that reportedly co-stars Rodriguez’s other Machete comrade and situational lesbian Lindsay Lohan as herself. But highest profile of all will be the new Paul Schrader (_Taxi Driver_) film, The Jesuit, a murder/kidnapping/revenge drama co-starring Paz Vega (_Enter the Void_). So our favorite badass non-lesbian action star is keeping busy and, if she has any non-film-related announcements to make, you’ll hear them here first.

Romeo San Vicente is often mistaken for a tough lesbian himself. Okay, not really. He can be reached care of this publication or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..