A Blake Lively reboot of Sex and the City

From the Makes Perfect Sense Department: In the wake of last year’s Sex and the City 2 debacle (horrible reviews, disappointing box office), the people at HBO have decided, for now, to shelve the franchise and focus on a prequel based on Candace Bushnell’s 2010 book The Carrie Diaries. From the Makes Even More Perfect Sense Department: Writer/director/producer Michael Patrick King has his eye on Gossip Girl star/fashion moll Blake Lively. Who wouldn’t want the style world’s current It Girl to take over as clothes-obsessed Carrie and remind the world what they loved about the character before she got it all and went traipsing through Abu Dhabi? It’s all in the talking stages now, but young red-haired actresses who want a shot at playing Teen Miranda would be wise to get their agents on point right about now.

Kathy Griffin goes Broadway and Wants a Tony

When Kathy Griffin wants something she simply names a product for it. Official Book Club Selection and For Your Consideration were the titles of her memoir and comedy CD, respectively. So it’s in keeping with her self-aware self-marketing campaign that she call her upcoming (and very soon, too – as in next month) Broadway one-woman show, Kathy Griffin Wants a Tony. For several consecutive nights in March, Griffin will take over Broadway’s Belasco Theater and no two nights will be the same, as fresh material is introduced into each performance and Griffin works hard to get a statue-friend to keep her Emmys company. It’s worked for other comedians, why not her? But don’t come if you’re easily offended. The woman takes no prisoners and is advertising the engagement with the following quote: “If you’re in the market for an evening of laughter, swearing and negativity, you’ve found the right show.” You’ve been warned, Tony Award voters.

Ryan Murphy’s not especially hard knock life

It’s good to be Ryan Murphy right now. Thanks to the insane popularity of Glee, anyone with any musical project in any form at all wants Murphy to take control. First his name was tossed around for a Rocky Horror Picture Show remake, then for the film version of Wicked. And now it seems that he’s the top choice to direct the 2.0 Willow Smith-starring Annie. You read that correctly. See, it’s also good to be the offspring of Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith right now. They get to remake the Karate Kid. They get recording contracts. They get to whip their hair back and forth. And now they get to remake Annie. Look, that’s how Hollywood works. Just ask Jeff Bridges and Michael Douglas. But will Murphy accept any of these gigs? All of them? And will there be a role for Jane Lynch somewhere in all this? Stay tuned, Gleeks and Smiths.

Scissor Sister Shears meeting Sandra on stage

Great news for lovers of all things cooler-than-usual: A new musical is coming and it’s from the like-minded meeting of Sandra Bernhard, Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters and Justin Bond of deranged cabaret act Kiki & Herb (now known as “Justin Vivian Bond”). The collaborative effort is titled Arts and Crafts, and it’ll have its first readings in March. The story involves cousins whose lives take different directions – one becomes a born-again housewife, the other a sophisticated art world dweller – and a reunion that changes both of their lives for good. Joe’s Pub in New York City will host the first staged readings on March 7. Here’s hoping its continued development bears Hedwig-sized fruit.


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