Becoming Chaz and bikini kill docs coming right up

A tale of two documentaries, one financing and one finished: In the starting gate is a film about the already-remarkable career of third-wave feminist pioneer Kathleen Hanna, founder of the band Bikini Kill and early proponent of the Riot Grrrl movement in the early 1990s. Sini Anderson (cofounder of the lesbian/feminist collective Sister Spit) is the woman raising funds and footage for The Kathleen Hanna Project aka Who Told You Christmas Wasn’t Cool? that will chronicle Hanna’s life from its roots in Oregon to New York, where she lives and works now. And due to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in late July is _Becoming Chaz_ from Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato. Obviously, that one is about the current life of Chaz Bono – son of Sonny and Cher, born biologically female as Chastity – and his ongoing public transition to maleness. It may or may not wind up in theaters but it’ll definitely hit cable sometime later in 2011. And it’s got to be more interesting than Burlesque, right?

Robert Downey Jr. gets next to the Normal guys

At this point in his career, all Robert Downey Jr. wants to do is sing. Good thing he’s already terrific at that or his next planned project might not turn out so well. As it is he has teamed up with Warner Bros., Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey. Those last two names are the composer and lyricist of the Pulitzer and Tony Award-winning musical _Next to Normal_, and they’re working on a musical comedy feature for Downey. The plot, as it is now, seems very much like that of the hit indie musical _Camp_, with Downey to star as a down-and-out Broadway songwriter who winds up teaching at a musical theater camp for kids. It also bears a passing resemblance to the premise of a certain Fox TV series that a few people seem to enjoy. Whatever its antecedents, this sounds like just the right costume for Iron Man to try on next, doesn’t it?

Bravo needs an A List and they’re going to get one

From The Bottom To The Top. Seriously, that is the working title of the new Bravo reality show. Guess what it’s about? If you said, “Lots of gay guys working hard to be as bitchy and horrible and reductive as those people on Logo’s The A List,” then you’d be correct. It seems that while everyone’s favorite gay network (that would be the one with Andy Cohen) was busy with all the housewives, Logo scooped them with buzz and ratings for their own all-gay variant. Not to be outdone, Bravo is now on the trail of fabulously unpleasant gays to cast for a show that will finally re-teach America to dislike homosexuality once and for all. Did you hear that, men? It’s time to go get paid to misbehave for the cameras! First group cast gets to record their own dance single. As for that title, chalk it up to Bravo always keeping it classy.

Chloe Sevigny, Eliza Dushku, Margaret Cho join RuPaul’s Race

If RuPaul’s Drag Race were a cooking show with Emeril, he would say it just got kicked up a notch. Check out this list of celebrity judges for the third season coming Jan. 24, 2011: Wayne Brady, Margaret Cho, Eliza Dushku, Carmen Electra, Fantasia, LaToya Jackson, Sharon Osbourne, Susan Powter, Rita Rudner, Mike Ruiz, Chloe Sevigny, Cheryl Tiegs, Lily Tomlin, Aisha Tyler, Bruce Vilance, Jody Watley, Johnny Weir and Vanessa Williams. Whoever’s in charge of filling those seats is working 10 times as hard as the people on that singing competition show who spent last summer slowly trying to find replacements for Simon, Ellen and Kara. So season three is officially going to be interesting now. But with this much star power behind the judging table, at what point will the audience be paying attention to the actual drag queens?

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