Former Jersey Housewife Talks about New Endeavors

Over the past few years, Danielle Staub has become sort of a household name in the gay community. As one of the original New Jersey housewives, Staub has surely been the topic of conversation among fans of the show.


As the rest of the Jersey cast prepare for season three of the series, which is the most successful in the entire Bravo franchise, Staub has other plans. Although the exact reason for her departure has remained a secret, Staub was eager to speak with SFGN about three projects she is currently working on, including two new shows and an album.

“Right now, I am just relaxing after taking a break from filming my new show Social,” a Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous-style show which Staub will be hosting and will air on Wealth TV in early 2011. “I began filming the show featuring the lives of personal friends of mine, but it became a huge success, so we incorporated many more celebrities.”

Staub mentions Twister Sister front man Dee Snider, the Radio Chick: Leslie Gold and Prince Malik are some of the celebrities which will make appearances on the show. “We are in the process of shooting 26 episodes of the show,” Staub tells us.

In addition to Social, Staub will begin filming a yet to be named reality show next year which will depict her life, struggles and victories. “People love to hate me,” says Staub. “People are going to watch the show to see the real me.” Staub says she will work ‘really hard’ to give people what they want to see.

If filming two shows wasn’t enough, Staub plans to hit the studio and record an album next year as well. “Just the other day, I was sitting with the CEO of Atlantic Records. I feel so blessed to be given such a wonderful opportunity.” Staub and her team, which now includes a management deal with music executive Screwface, which she calls the “missing link”, don’t have a release date yet for the record but fans can look for it to surface in the near future.

“I’d love to collaborate with Ne-Yo on the record,” which Staub would like to be a pop record with an underlying classic rock sound. “Working with artists including Usher, Kanye West and 50 Cent would be such a great gift. I am really passionate about music and am looking forward to creating a memorable record.”

Staub’s daughters Christine and Jillian are also busy at work. “Christine has a successful modeling career and Jillian is working on a pop-rock record.”

An advocate of the gay community, Staub admits to currently dating and playing the field. “I know what I want right now and I’m having a good time right now.” And although she didn’t name drop on people she is dating, she happily let us know who some of her closest “boy-friends” include. “I just got done talking with Johnny Weir,” she states. “He’s such an amazing person. And he wears a Louis Vuitton better than I can.” Staub insists that she is a true supporter of the gay community and didn’t just put on a façade for television.

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