When Pro Wrestler Anthony Bowens came out as bisexual last spring, he expected the negative feedback around his sexual orientation. What he didn’t expect was having to defend the validity of it altogether.

"I thought there would be more negativity around the stigma of [a pro wrestler] being part of the LGBT community," Bowens said during an interview on Party Foul Radio with Pollo & Pearl. "But the negativity came more from people getting in arguments over bisexuality."

After coming out, first to loved ones on Facebook, and then more publicly on OutSports, Bowens was pleasantly surprised by the support system he found among friends and teammates.

But after scanning reactions on social media, Bowens was even more surprised to find that people were concerned about a bisexual professional wrestler than they were about “what it means to be bi, am I really gay and hiding…all this other stuff” 

“Which wasn’t the point of me coming out,” he said, “The point was there is somebody new who is trying to fight for the equality everyone deserves.”

Bowen said he was unaware of the stigma that bisexuals deal with in validating their own sexuality.

“You can date a dude — or marry a dude and be with him the rest of your life — and that doesn’t change the attraction,” he said. “The stimulation doesn’t change. 

“That’s the reason why it’s LGBTQ — lesbian, bisexual…” he concluded. “The LGBTQ community comes in all shapes and sizes.”


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