Brad Pitt has said that he is ready to make the commitment to Angelina Jolie, in addition to the joint custody of their six children.  Many advocates of marriage equality were ecstatic at Pitt and Jolie’s initial commitment to equal rights.  However, the honeymoon is over.  Both Pitt and Jolie can’t seem to wait it out much longer.  At the pleading of their children, the call of romance and a rumored pregnancy, the two have retracted their promise not to marry.


It is unclear whether or not Pitt has proposed to Jolie, however, they have expressed their desire to get married, partly on behalf of their six children.

It was in an October 2006 article in Esquire that “Brangelina” originally said they would not marry until everyone in America can.  In an interview with Parade Magazine, Pitt called this discrimination, “blatant, ugly bigotry,” a belief that had no logical grounds.  While the couple continues to profess their outrage over gay marriage, for their family, they just can’t wait.

It is unclear how quickly things may move forward for the two, but it seems for now, their kids and their family have won over the couple's ever-present social activism.  Pitt and Jolie have been together for seven years, have three biological children and three adopted children.