Seriously, though, who doesn’t love Betty White? This sweet little old lady found her way into our big gay hearts years ago with “Golden Girls” and ever since then, she’s become one of our icons.

With her most recent show, “Hot in Cleveland,” doing so well, as well as her comedy show “Betty White’s Off Their Rockers” (kind of like Punk’d, but with elderly people pranking young people – seriously, go watch it on Lifetime right now, it’s hilarious), she’s easily one of the most loveable and hilarious faces in entertainment, with a special place in the LGBT community. Recently, White sat down with Larry King for an interview where she answered questions from fans, where she was asked about how she felt about her status as a gay icon.

Reiterating her pro-gay stance, she commented that she doesn’t understand why homophobes think that what a person does in their personal, private life is any concern of theirs.

“I don’t care whom you sleep with,” she said. “It’s ‘what kind of human being are you?’ I don’t understand [why people are antigay], it’s such a personal private business and it’s none of mine.”

Check out the interview below!