Singer, musician, hotelier, and B-52’s member Kate Pierson got married over the weekend to her longtime partner Monica Coleman in Hawaii.

August 1, On Pierson’s personal Facebook page, she posted a picture of her and wife-to-be on a sandy beach with the caption “Monica and I are getting #marriedinHawaii !”

On August 2, a photo on Pierson’s fan page of a sunset over the ocean had a caption “#hawaiianwedding soon!”

August 4, the two are seen in a picture on Peirson’s fan page, both dressed in gowns and leis with the caption “#itsofficial !” Another photo was posted on the official B-52’s page as well.


The couple are also partners in business, running two small hotels, Kate’s Lazy Meadow in Mount Temper, New York, and Kate’s Lazy Desert in Landers California.

Pierson is also currently promoting a solo album called “Guitars and Microphones.”