Jordan Pease considers himself the worst gay son ever.

“I don’t have the cool gay job,” he says. “I’m not an interior designer or stylist. I don’t care about the environment or animals … I just suck dick.”

It’s a line that gets Pease a lot of laughs during his standup routine. The 22-year-old, amply tattooed, New Jersey native is certainly one of those to watch in the future. He has a knack for writing, the camera likes him and so do the boys.

“I’m singleish,” he says. “I’m dating like five different guys in five different cities. “

He travels frequently, is known to share a few puffs with fans in Denver and has even performed before audiences in the ruby red state of Idaho.

"It was great," Pease said of his trip to Boise, Idaho. "They were not a real politically correct crowd. They got me. It was a blast."

Pease is hoping for a similar experience in South Florida soon and so far audiences love him. In 2012, Pease won the Punchline Bay Area Comics competition and the Funniest New Comic in LA competition. He describes his comedy as “conversationally inappropriate” and his Twitter picture confirms such, showing Pease half naked passed out in a clothes hamper.

“Oh, there’s pictures all over the internet,” he admits. “My life is an open book. I lost my dignity a long time ago.”

Pease also lost his father to substance abuse, one of many tragedies his Italian-American Catholic family has endured. He says comedy is his “cure all.”

“I’ve never been the person to cry for weeks,” he said. “I’d turn it into a joke and laugh about it and have my family laugh about it.”

Pease lists comedians Jackie Mason and Chelsea Handler as influences on his style. He enjoys writing, is a contributor to the Huffington Post and recently released a memoir, titled “Accidentally Okay,” of his time spent in Verona, Italy.

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