It's been nearly two years since Richard Simmons vanished from the public eye, but a representative for the fitness guru spoke with TMZ this week to explain why he's been M.I.A.

According to the website, Simmons abandoned his longtime friends, and left his famous exercise studio because he doesn't want to be famous anymore. Friends and family were so worried for Simmons, they contacted the authorities, who did a welfare check on the celeb in January. Police reported at the time the "Sweatin' to the Oldies" star was lucid and relaxed.

Simmons' rep told TMZ he's "happily living life outside the public eye." They added he's still committed to helping the "obese and overlooked" and is working "behind the scenes" on charity projects.

Simmons' official Facebook account remains very active, where he frequently posts articles about animals, well-being, fitness and even workout .gifs of himself! Follow him by clicking here.