She made her debut in 2011. Alexandra Grey, a transgender woman of color, has been working on television ever since.

From roles on "Glee," the Emmy winning "Transparent" and the upcoming gay historical epic "When We Rise," Grey is making a name for herself in an industry where African Americans and transgenders are often forced to jump through hoops just to get an audition.

Grey's rapidly growing resume isn't just in LGBT productions--her lovely smile and long, beautiful tresses have also been seen in mainstream fare such as "Chicago Med" and "Code Black," both medical dramas produced for major networks. Currently Grey has 26 credits listed at IMDB.

Though she credits Emmy winner Laverne Cox for making it easier for performers like herself, Grey modestly told SFGN that she's not in Cox's league.

"She's on fire!" Grey said of Cox. "I believe we're all grateful for her visibility--it's opening doors for all of us."

Grey added that she wants more trans stories to be told. "I can't sit back and watch another trans woman of color be murdered," she said. "It's heartbreaking. We have to let the world know we exist and that we are all human and deserve love. The media has this opportunity to enlighten the world."

Grey shared her humble beginnings.

"I'm 25, from Chicago," she said. "I lived there for 19 years of my life. It was some of the best times I've had and the most challenging. Some people know I grew up in the foster care system and many know how tough that kind of life can be. Nevertheless, I finished school and learned a lot of hard lessons."

One of those lessons was the realization of who she was.

"I knew I felt like a girl and wanted to be one," she recalled. "But growing up in my area you were not educated on all things LGBT. When I learned what transgender was and tried to express myself I lost a lot of things--most importantly my family."

But Grey has no regrets. "I did it for me and I am still happy," she said.

Grey also spoke of why she became an actress. "I love the idea of shutting myself down and becoming someone else," she explained. "I love storytelling and making people happy or sad or just educating. This business is all about imagination and during my darkest time my imagination was all I had--and God of course!"

She said that the challenges she faces in Hollywood are often no different than those faced by any other performer.

"It's a very hard business but you just keep trying and giving your best," she said. "I think being transgender is a bit more challenging but I'll never use that as a crutch or as a reason to feel down. When it's your time it's your time--all we can do is ask that Hollywood give transgender talent a shot."

And to those who want to follow in her footsteps, Grey offers some simple advice. "Do it!" she said. "Know that you want to do it. Believe that you can do it. And then do it--there is no road map. Get into acting classes and perfect your craft. Be prepared for the rejection and everything else this business will, throw at you. Be ready to never give up on it--always fight for your dreams. They always come true."

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