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City of Shadows: The Wilton Manors Chronicles, by Jerry Perez paints a picture of our little hamlet that is not exactly a carefree gay haven. “Somewhere over the rainbow…blue birds die and wicked witches win,” states the back cover of the book.

Which makes sense, because many of the boys in this town have lost their sisters to death from falling houses.

The 20 tales and poems invite us into a world where your neighbor might have 20 twinks buried in the backyard, use very special ingredients for a health shake, administer an elixir of love that won’t quit, even after death, and that boy who works at the local strip club might – quite literally – be a snake in the grass.

This is a fun, spooky read, that I do not recommend reading when you are alone!

For more information, or to purchase the book please visit, The book is also available at and

Wilton Manors: A Mike Grace Novel, by E. J. Bellew follows the life of a former NYC detective who – like many former New Yorkers – comes to South Florida for a change of pace and fresh start. The story is told in the first person, which allows the reader to put themselves into the role of detective.

His detective skills however are called for when a friend and prominent realtor’s suicide is discovered. Grace finds himself in the cross-hairs of corrupt politicians, lawyers, and Russian oligarchs. The hypocrisy of Floridian politics – and politicos – takes center stage here, a case where art is not really imitating life as much as reinventing it.

Grace manages to solve the case and restore his reputation, all while balancing an unremitting ex-wife, and a relationship with his two children. The book is scheduled to be released in late October. Please visit for more information and to purchase the book.