Spandex: The First All Gay Superhero Team


Attention all superhero fans: introducing Spandex, the world’s first all gay superhero team. Created by Martin Eden and released in May, the UK has brought the world a truly unique comic book series. It doesn’t get any gayer than this, from fighting the 50-foot lesbian, to the pink ninjas, and not to mention the love triangles just like real life.

Martin Eden writes, “There aren’t many gay super-heroes around, and there’s never been an all-gay-super-team until now! This comic has been a labor of love for me – it’s fun and experimental, and I’m really excited about taking the characters and the comic to a much wider audience.” Eden’s series was nominated for the ‘Best British Comic’ at the prestigious Eagle Awards.

So let me introduce you to the Fabulous Team. First we have Liberty the heart and soul of the team. Then there’s Diva our lesbian Wonder Woman. And Indigo a beautiful French teleporter. Proweler who’s sure to suck the life and power from any gay man or woman. Then there’s the fabulous Glitter who’s able to transform himself into light, and finally a pair of twins: Mr. Muscles & Butch.

This British comic is sure to keep you laughing from start to finish. Enjoy this Titan Book available now in a special edition Hardcover holding the first 3 Issues. Visit for more information.

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