Snagglepuss Is Now A Closeted Gay Playwright

Photo: DC Entertainment

DC Entertainment is reviving Hanna-Barbera's classic Snagglepuss character in a comic series called "Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles."

The six-issue comic will feature the iconic pink mountain lion as a gay playwright from the South living in New York City in 1953, leading "a double life," writer Mark Russell told the Hollywood Reporter.

"The way I write him, he's kind of an avant-garde figure for the times — people kind of expect him to say things that are edgy and witty," Russell explained. "In a way, he's allowed to breach subjects and say things in 1953 in New York that other people simply could not."

Earlier this year, Russell explained to HiLoBrow he drew inspiration for Snagglepuss from the tradition of Southern Gothic writers whose careers in one form or another took them to New York:

“I envision him like a tragic Tennessee Williams figure," he said. "Huckleberry Hound is sort of a William Faulkner guy, they’re in New York in the 1950s, Marlon Brando shows up, Dorothy Parker, these socialites of New York from that era come and go."

Russell, who also authored an adaptation of the Flintstones this year, believes that comics offer fertile ground for social commentary,

That Snagglepuss, an animal, should be the author's vehicle for such commentary is an irony not lost on Russell.

"My political philosophy — my philosophy in general — is that I just want the human race to play nice with itself," he said.


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