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For everyone with questions about gay life, who has been told “there are things one just doesn’t ask about” civil rights attorney Abby Dees has prepared and compiled 108 questions for the curious to ask their LGBT friends and family. The thin little volume handles the whole firmament of questions. Identity, stereotypes, sex and other hot-button issues are handled carefully yet casually in the book.

Some questions are even answered, often playfully. Some respond with only their first-name. Other questions are answered by prominent members of the gay community, such as Kate Kendall of the National Center for Lesbian Rights.

Some questions are even useful for discussion among the gay community, to promote relationships between the letters of the LGBT soup. This is a fun, insightful little book, and priced at just under $10.00 this might be something you will want to give as a gift to anyone in your life that has been “afraid to ask.”