One Million Moms Condemns Scholastic For Trans Book

One Million Moms strikes again.

This time the anti-LGBT conservative group is taking aim at Scholastic, who published Alex Gino’s “George,” a book about a transgender fourth grader.

One Million Moms, a so-called “pro-family” group, has spoken out against Scholastic Corporation for its selection of books geared at embracing gender identities.

“George” tells the story of a 10-year-old trans youth who hopes a role in their school play will help people see the gender they identify as — not necessarily the one assigned to them at birth.

According to The Huffington Post, the group took particular interest in Gino’s children’s book, posting on their website that the chapter book, intended for grades 3 to 7, is harmful for children.

“Scholastic is not safe for your child and parents should be warned,” the group wrote. “Scholastic does not have our children’s best interests at heart.”

The group went on to mention that the publication’s reading lists, "Books for Two-Mommy Families," "Great books for Two-Dad Families" and "6 Picture Books About Transgender Children" is “morally toxic” for children.

Gino (who uses they/them pronouns) has yet to comment on the conservative group’s campaign. However, in an interview with NPR back in August 2015 the author stated that they hope this book will be able to let transgender children know they aren’t alone.

This is not the first time the group has been vocal about family-friendly content. Late last year the group called for a boycott of Disney Channel’s television series, “Andi Mack” and Disney Junior’s “Doc McStuffins” for featuring LGBT characters.

In the past One Million Moms has targeted Gay Days and Disney; NBC’s The New Normal;  Zales Jewelers; Miss Piggy; and JC Penney’s for featuring Ellen DeGeneres as its celebrity spokesperson.

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