Prolific nonagenarian author, actor and lyricist David Leddick is not slowing down. His oeuvre ranges from a series of critically-acclaimed illustrated volumes about the male nude and steamy novels to commentary on gay culture.

He wrote the authoritative guide “How to be Gay in the 21st Century” and now offers his latest title, “How to F***able at 90,” now available on Amazon. 

In the introduction, Leddick recalls an encounter with renowned photographer Duane Michals at the Morgan Library in Manhattan. Michals basically equated life to energy: 

“What if you could see pure energy? … In science, energy is not created or destroyed. Here’s Duane alive, here’s Duane dead. And when you die the energy in you is transformed into another package, that’s all.” 

Leddick responded, “That is how I feel about life. We are in an enormous system of energy. We enter carrying it, spend our lives using that energy. Perhaps to make this world a better place. Perhaps to make it worse. Who knows? But in this 70, 80, 90-year visit we are on this beautiful globe, spending the time with other people. We can try to fully experience this time we spend here or we can do it a bit and then just sit about not using life energy most of the time we are here.” 

The longtime Miami Beach resident said he awoke one morning soon after with the inspiration for the book.  

“I must write something about what it is like to be approaching 90 years old. Everyone is living to be so much older. They need advice as to what is ahead of them. From someone who has been there. So they will know what to expect. What they can do to fight off what the world thinks being ninety is like,” he wrote. 

Leddick started with a daily diary. He figured that even with a page or two on occasional days, it would only take six months to get enough thoughts down on paper to complete a book. He also compiled a series of questions for readers to ponder. Ever compassionate for those who might overthink their responses, Leddick tested the questions on a mixed group of friends and included their responses as a touchpoint. 

Leddick’s goal was not to recreate “The Joy of Sex” for gay seniors, but rather to demonstrate that sexual attraction is an evolving — and optimistic — mindset, as well as a physical act. 

“Admit it. Your waistline may have expanded. Your memory may have shrunk. But sex is still of interest. You thought it might fade, but it hasn’t no matter how much you may have explored such activities as meditation or yoga,” he wrote in the first entry, adding, “…you may have been thinking about your sex life in terms of how it has been in previous years. This you must forget and move on. You may be attracting others and have no idea that you are. These others may be a good bit younger than you are. They may be of some other race. They may be of the same sex. They may be very much involved with someone else and thinking about you as a tempting addition to their private life.” 

Now that the book is available for purchase, Leddick again draws on the Duane Michals metaphor. 

“This book is to encourage you to not just sit about. Now that more and more people are somehow having more and more years to spend on this ‘energy’ visit, shouldn’t we try to make our interactions with those around us as meaningful as possible? Shouldn’t we feel and interact with the world around us as much as possible?” he concluded. 

“How to be F***able at 90” by David Leddick is available for $11.95 in paperback or $3.99 for Kindle/e-reader at