Another Marvel character almost became a part of the LGBT community a few years ago.

Members of Marvel’s creative team discussed making X-Men superhero Gambit bisexual in his own comic series they were producing in 2012, according to Gay Star News. Series writer Jake Asmus and his superiors disagreed on giving the character that identity.

“It’s true that I was interested in revealing Gambit to be bisexual in our series,” Asmus said. “With us first seeing him seduce a man on one of his missions, and soon thereafter meeting a member of the thieves guild Gambit previously had a more significant relationship with in his pre-X-Men debut.”

Marvel said to Asmus they thought they would be “redefining” the character if they made the change. Iceman, another superhero in the X-Men universe, has been portrayed as gay in multiple storylines, according to NewNowNext.