Gay Men Love Their Tattoos

As reported by Mike Albo on, there is an awesome book of boys and their tattoos which you can paste into your heart. Just go to to paypal it to your doorstep.

“In the past,” Albo correctly notes, “when you wanted to capture the face of disaffected youth, you would hang out in record stores or McDonalds parking lots. Kilmer found most of his subjects through MySpace, from 2002—2008. Most of them are musicians or members of local bands. In many ways nothing has changed with youth: these are kids who have perfected their fame pouts and slouchy attitudes before they really know themselves. In the midst of that age when you think that smiling is a sign of weakness.”

Albo incisively adds that “You can see timelessness in Kilmer’s portraits—in the practiced expressions and awkward sexuality of these young people, but this book could end up being totemic. The photos depict a moment in culture—when the internet was less controlled and kids were using MySpace to express themselves and as a flyer for their bands. Now there is less chance for unfettered connection on the internet… In a way these portraits are a snapshot of a virtual Wild West, when people made thrilling, sometimes scary connections with total strangers and it still felt fresh. Moody, tattoo-ey, using their hair to express their emotions, the subjects that Kilmer captures embody the real face of American youth as it was briefly in this wandering, hungry era: the strangely excessive yet depressingly weighty Naughties.”

Don’t know which was better, the book, or the descriptive and expressive way it was captured in words by the skilled and talented Mike Albo.