Former Salesman Publishes Book of Poems

Craig Combs

Craig Combs, who was a sales manager and bookkeeper for the Express Gay News a decade ago, has published a revealing book of poems, titled Taking Tea in the Black Rose.

Born and raised in Flint, MI, the 42-year-old writer left the business world to expand his interest in holistic health, nutrition, exercise, and herbalism. For a journey into his soul, stop by his website,

It is an insightful Craig Combs that emerges in this book of distinctively visceral poetry, a candid and uncompromising exploration of heart and soul. It is a compilation of tales and tears that speaks with you rather than at you, worthy of your consideration.

Subtitled Singing Through the Shadows until we’re Dancing in the Light, it is a promising and provocative work, representing a collage of three decades of Craig’s life; his travails and travels, from selling ads for a gay newspaper to working nutritional sales for the Whole Foods Market.

Life is a series of comings and goings for all of us, and Combs has tried to capture his own journeys through sickness and wellness, by recording his thoughts of both disappointment and victory. As he writes in one poem, ‘Alpine Shadows,’

“Isn’t it strange/well nigh insane/the way happiness calls for pain.”

It is a reflective series of words for a gentleman who now says his last six years have been spent as a practitioner of ‘Holographic Re-patterning—a modern, energetic healing system based on the principles and teachings of traditional Chinese medicines. For Combs, his entire path is a sea change from the days when he was an account executive and busy bookkeeper for the Express Gay News, but now his expressions make news in our paper.

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