Do You Love Curves? A Bulky Book of Muscled Men!

Photo by Tom Cullis

A muscled guy radiates strength of purpose, assertiveness and—last but not least—lots of sex appeal.

Whoever goes to the gym several times a week surely knows what he owes his body, plus he’s usually an alluring look for the rest of us. So, after the success of the anthologies Turnon: Tattoos and Turnon: Sports, the publishing group decided to bring another piece to the public  — Turnon: Muscles.

They collected the best pictures from renowned photographers, who brought the male body as a piece of art into the spotlight.

This bulky photo book presents some of the finest and well?built men of our planet on 256 stunning pages. And even if most of the admirers will never look like them, they can at least enjoy their incredible beauty.

Mucho Macho.

Book Info

By Various Artists


June 2012

256 pages full color, hardcover

17 x 22,5 cm / 63?4 x 9?

List Price: $44.99 $32.39

Barnes and Noble: $32.39

ISBN 978?3?86787?240?9

Author and art expert Grady Harp on the book:

Reading or browsing slowly through TURNON MUSCLES is like watch the finest of Greek and Roman statues come to life. This book is a collection of superbly chiseled bodies whose commitment to the gym on a daily basis is obvious. There is much to admire in the manner in which these men have pledged themselves to perfect the physique, but the book doesn't stop at academic pauses to admire physical fitness. Instead this is a collection by a groups of our finest photographers of the male physique who encouraged their chosen models to use the gift of the perfect body to enter the arena of exhibitionism and erotica, including bits of garb (clothing, ropes, chains, etc), and entertain the troops. And the result is a steamy encounter with some magnificent specimens.

The group of photographers includes both the very famous and the not so well known and the new faces/cameras on the block. Here are the works of Dylan Rosser, Louis LaSalle, Peter Arnold, Joan Crisol, Tom Bianchi, Mark Henderson, Jeff Palmer and also the works of Blade T Bannon, Norbert Benike, Louis Daniel Botha, Lage Carlson, Tom Cullis, Andre DeLoach, Serge Forcet, Cameron Frost,HotHouse, InkedKenny, JALIF, Pat Lee, Henry Lex, Ron Lloyd, Jonno London, Denis Maslennikov, Dick Mitchell, Byron Motley, Muscle Hunks, Ed Olen, Troy Phillis, Tim Ricks, Akimitsu Sadoi, JP Santamaria, Allan Spiers, Michael Stokes, and Kent Taylor. They all deserve mention as this collection happens to contain a very wide variety of styles and thoughts about how to present the Turnon Muscles.

Once again Bruno Gmünder has produced a highly sophisticated art book that is sure to become a favorite among those who admire/desire muscle hunks. Stephan Niederwieser is the curator/editor and as always adds the targeted perspective in his introduction - erotic but with a solid dash of good humor.

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