It’s 144 pages. It’s $9.99. And it will benefit victims of the worst mass-shooting in United States history.

Titled ‘Love is Love,’ the comic is a collection of one- and two-page stories created by various artists and writers working together. It is set to launch in December.

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The proceeds will go towards Equality Florida and their fund to aid victims of the Pulse Nightclub attack that took the lives of 49 people and injured 53 others.

“I purposely said it would be a one-page thing to get people to commit,” openly gay comic organizer Marc Andreyk told The New York Times. “I was e-Harmony-ing people—mixing and matching (artists and writers) and seeing who felt right.”

Andreyko has worked on comics such as Batwoman, Manhunter and more. For ‘Love is Love,’ he recruited creators such as Phil Jiminez (known for Superwoman), Oliver Coipel (Legion of Super-Heroes) and comedian Patton Oswald.

“Events like this shouldn’t be compartmentalized,” he told NYT. “They should hurt and we should want to change for the better.”