David Leddick is, resoundingly, a man of many talents. He is known for his novels and books, as well as shows he has both appeared in and co-written with his cabaret partner Andrew Sargent. Fall 2010 has already been busy for him. One novel, “I Don’t Kiss” was a selection at the Miami Book Fair. “The Male Nude,” a historical overview of nude, male photography from the nineteenth century through 1990 recently celebrated 25 years of being in print – the prestigious Taschen publishers never lets a bestseller run out of copies.


“It doesn’t go out of style,” Leddick said. “Because it’s an art history book and the text has been translated into French, German, and later Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.”

In addition to appearances and commitments about his books Leddick will also be “Wishing You a Very Gilda Christmas” at The Manor Complex December 9, 10, and 11 at 7:30 p.m. This is a holiday sequel to “Presenting Gilda Lily,” a story of a fading film actress.

On Thursday, December 2 his latest book, “How to be Gay: in the 21st Century” will be featured at Miami Beach’s Books and Books. With so many projects on his plate it is amazing SFGN was able to sit down with Leddick recently.

“I think How to be Gay is my most major contribution to the gay community,” said Leddick when asked about his favorite recent project. “If we hadn’t been gay my friends and I say we would not have lived such interesting lives. So, it’s my favorite thing that I’m doing right now. I wrote this about eight years ago but I do two books a year and others swept past it.”

In this latest book of Leddick’s, as the title implies, it is a guide with tips for being gay. The book’s cover reminds the world that, “There’s nothing wrong with being gay but a lot of people do it wrong.” He hopes to assist you make the best of your gay life.

Furthermore, in addition to witty advice the book is loaded with humorous, beautiful photos of Leddick that illustrate his points and suggestions. The book is dedicated to gay activist and wit Quentin Crisp whom he met one summer in Provincetown.

“I knew him really, really well. He was so tiny and so brave and I loved him,” he said excitedly of Crisp, whom he gave a stipend of $100 a month for many years. “Gay men, you know are brave. I admire courage more than anything in a person. When you’re brave, you can do anything. The humor also seems to be an homage to the late Crisp who died at 90, while on tour. “That’s how I want to go,” said Leddick.

Leddick also, is very brave. He had not performed in 40 years and only made a “come back” to the stage in 2000 after an older man who could sing and dance was needed for a show. Since then, the offers have not stopped coming in, which is fine for the 80 year-old performer and writer. Those 40 years though were very busy – with international positions with L’Oreal, Revlon, and time in France as a TV director.

“I really believe that 80 to 90 is really just late middle age,” laughed Leddick who says “Hitting 90, Doing 100” is a book he would like to work on as well.

With homes in France’s Loire Valley, Miami, and Montevideo, Uruguay he is able to keep himself fresh, invigorated to do the two-and-a-half hours of writing that he does per day. He says that his favorite residence, Montevideo is still an unknown city, but he already sees it becoming a boom-town. In addition to enjoying multiple homes, the wanderlust keeps Leddick from falling into a routine, and keeps his circles of friends and outlooks fresh.

However, he is not homebound by any of his three addresses.

“Lately I have gotten into Naples, the one in Italy of course,” Leddick said lightheartedly. “It’s very rich culturally, a little unknown by tourists, and it’s just a little dangerous. Yet, I don’t mind a touch of danger in my life.”

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