It’s hard to be a cynic about love after opening up Monday Hearts for Madalene, by Page Hodel. When Hodel, an artist, carpenter, and internationally renowned DJ, would get home after spinning in San Francisco she would “tippy toe across the street at 3 a.m. with a bowl of leaves or stones or flower petals” and construct a heart on Madalene’s doorstep.

Hodel wanted her partner, Madalene Rodriguez, to have a beautiful heart every Monday morning to start off her week with love. Sadly, only 7 months into their relationship, Madalene woke with a pain in her side. A battery of tests revealed that it was advanced stage ovarian cancer. She passed away – but not without fighting – 4 months later.

After Madalene’s death Hodel sent a photo of one of the hearts to a friend. Her friend could feel the love that Hodel’s artistic creations were meant to convey. Soon after Hodel realized the hearts should not stop. Every Monday she emails a photograph of the latest heart that she has created for Madalene to see from Heaven.

The hearts are made from materials as inorganic as nuts and bolts, to elements as delicate as deconstructed flowers and berries. Each one is a valentine for lost love, and love that carries on and beats throughout the world.

The website will soon be selling enlarged prints of the hearts. A portion of every sale will go to the Women’s Cancer Resource Center, in Oakland Park, California.

Monday Hearts for Madalene By Page Hodel
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