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Truth is a paradox says Marshall Quinn Blackwell, Jr. as he discusses his novel, “Killing Miss Love.”

It’s a story of a young man’s journey through darkness as he battles the sex, drugs and rock and roll lifestyle of the early 1990s. The scene shifts from the main character’s home in Louisiana to Fort Lauderdale and while there are plenty of dramatic tales, the author insists the over-arching theme is forgiveness.

“At the core of this brutal novel is heart,” Blackwell said. “You’ll find yourself rooting cheerfully for the misadventures of the main character.”

The main character has several aliases and finds himself smack dab in the middle of wild parties featuring drug dealing bar owners, sexual escapades and prison time.

Blackwell, 50, lives in Fort Lauderdale and is a retired real estate agent. From 2000 to 2003, he worked as a bartender at Bill’s Filling Station where he encountered many interesting people. These days, he is far removed from the bar scene and enjoys playing softball with friends and quiet evenings at home with his loyal dog Mason.

“Killing Miss Love” is Blackwell’s first stab at writing a full-length novel and as he attests it has been quite the process. “My editors asked me to tighten it up three times,” he said.

It is published by Blackwell’s own Snake Ridge Press with cover art provided by local painter Robert Wellington. Retail price is $14.95 and available on, Kindle and eBooks.