‘Asexual’ Now an Official Word in Dictionary

You can now find the meaning of ‘asexual’ in the dictionary. 

Merriam-Webster officially recognized the word Nov. 20, according to Gay Star News. Previously, the meaning of the word was only used in a biological context when talking about plants.

“[People] not involving, involved with, or relating to sex, such as an asexual relationship,” the definition reads.

The Asexual Visibility and Education Network had previously been petitioning for the inclusion of the word. 

“A while back now there was a petition to Merriam-Webster Dictionary to add asexual to their dictionary,” the group said in a Facebook post. ”They heard us and we're in it now! It's so great to see our community to get together to accomplish this!”

In 2009, Merriam-Webster recognized same sex couples in their definition for marriage, according to Slate.

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