Wild. Campy. And just plain fun. That’s the best way to describe Slow Burn Theatre’s latest production, Xanadu, based on the 1980s movie of the same name starring Olivia Newton-John. The one-act show is light on plot, but heavy on camp, energy and comic relief. The worst part about the West Boca company’s productions are that they only last two weekends, which means catch the show this coming weekend, or not at all.

While the 1980s movie wasn’t considered a commercial success, the soundtrack went on to spawn several hits and well-known classics including “Magic” “Xanadu” “Suddenly” “I’m Alive” and “All Over the World.”

The show follows the journey of a Greek muse, Kira (Lindsey Forgey), who descends from the heavens of Mt. Olympus to Venice Beach, California in 1980 on a quest to inspire a struggling artist, Sonny Malone (Rick Pena), to achieve the greatest artistic creation of all time - the first Roller Disco. However things go astray when Kira falls into forbidden love with Sonny, and her jealous sisters take advantage of the situation.

Forgey returns to Slow Burn for her fifth consecutive show and once again doesn’t disappoint. Other standouts include Renata Eastlick as Kira’s conniving sister Melpomene and Connor Walton as another sister Thalia.

Only three performances left: Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m.; and Sunday at 2 p.m. Tickets are $35 for adults; $30 for seniors; and $20 students. Visit SlowBurnTheatre.org for more information.