Slow Burn’s Rocky Horror Show a Smashing Success

For the second year Slow Burn Theater in West Boca brings the Rocky Horror Show to stage and since I was a Rocky Horror virgin -- not having seen the stage show or movie -- I didn’t know what to expect.


What I discovered is that this isn’t a show. It’s an experience. I now know why it’s attracted a cult like following. If you like camp this is the epitome of camp.

It’s hard to believe a 1970s musical would feature a bisexual Transvestite, homoeroticism, and infidelity. But perhaps they get away with it since the show is suppose to be a spoof on horror and sci-fi movies like Frankenstein.

There’s no point in rehashing the plot, because it’s ridiculous nonsense, which is why the show is so fun.

Unlike most stage shows the audience is encouraged to participate mainly screaming “asshole” and “slut” after certain names are mentioned. Don’t worry about not knowing what to do as someone explains it before the show, and they sell a prop bag for $5. The producers made sure to invite people to their rehearsals to attempt to distract the actors as much as possible to prepare them for a live show. That was probably a good idea since besides being distracted by curse words the actors also had to avoid rolls of toilet paper being thrown on stage.

The night I attended the crowd was mostly over 60 so it was especially hilarious to watch the audience scream obscenities at the actors.

As for the show itself it was an excellent production especially Lindsey Elizabeth Forgey as Janet Weiss. Her voice excelled and I can’t imagine performing for much of the show in my underwear and a bra. I applaud her self-confidence. The other actors did a fine job as well.

But it’s the music, the corny, yet catchy numbers, that really brings the show to life. They include “Damnit Janet,” “Sweet Transvestite,” “Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me,” and the show’s signature song “The Time Warp.”

I found myself smiling throughout most of the show, and dancing along with the audience during “The Time Warp.” The show was definitely a pleasant surprise.

Unfortunately Slow Burn won’t be bringing the show back next year, but there’s still time to catch a performance this weekend.

Rocky Horror Picture Show
Slow Burn Theatre Company
West Boca Performing Arts Theatre
on the campus of West Boca Raton High School on Glades Road
Friday Oct. 28 at 8 p.m.
Saturday, Oct. 29 at 8 p.m. & midnight
Tickets available at or 866-811-4111

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