Make sure you don’t miss out on Rising Action Theater’s production of “Reefer Madness, the Musical” as it only runs until April 11. If you are unfamiliar with the musical version of the famed 1936 anti-marijuana propaganda film, good—because you will be highly delighted with Rising Action’s interpretation.

Highlights: Mae (Nicole Niefeld) singing “The Stuff.” Sally (Lindsey Forgey) who delivers memorable, bombshell one-liners such as “If I can’t turn’im on he ain’t got switches!” Jimmy (Conor Walton) being forced into an orgy after 2 or 3 tokes and being anally raped. Mary (Chelsea Greenberg) following Jimmy, her sweetheart, throughout the world via many a cleverly constructed vehicle. Jack (Larry Buzzeo) in a loincloth playing Jesus offering “Body of Me” to officers in a prison. With the addition of Desiree DuBois as the placard girl, wandering through with signs that remind you of the—grossly over exaggerated—dangers of “marihuana”… It’s HIGH camp!

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