It was August of 1965, and just about every girl I knew was headed to Shea Stadium on the Number 7 train, but not to watch the Mets. There was this new group, The Beatles, taking America by storm. I remember telling my girlfriend at the time, Ronnie Goldstein, at Lawrence High School, that this group was “freaky and would not last.” I suppose this is why I represent psychics instead of being one.

The Beatles are no more, but for sure, their legacy is etched into history. And to capture their music, their energy, their passion, imitators abound. But let’s not call Rain ‘imitators.’ They really are a tribute band, recreating the magic of the Fab Four from their earliest beginnings through their many transitions. Close your eyes, sit back, and you absorb the sounds, through the fusion of historical video footage displayed on large screens, which creates part of the enthusiasm for the show. Was that really me in Grant Park in 1968 getting my head beat in by Chicago cops?

As the Beatles, Rain is true and triumphant; their audiences appreciative and grateful for the journey down Penny, no, Memory Lane. They are playing for the next two weeks at the Broward Center, and the interactive experience allows boomers from the 60’s, along with their children, to rake and rock in the theater, standing and clapping with the music that will take you back to an earlier day.

Rain is authentic and live, celebratory and cleansing. You know every song. You have lived every melody. You love every tune. From their mop-top appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show to their yellow submarines with Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Rain lifts you to a charming place. You leave with yesterday in your hearts, and can only imagine what might have been if Ringo and George, Paul and John were still playing today…