FUNDarte’s Out in the Tropics, April 7 – May 7, is a month-long, multi-disciplinary arts festival founded more than a decade ago to bridge the diverse cultures of South Florida with an emphasis on the Latin community.

Founder Ever Chavez and organizers recently announced a diverse program for 2022, intended to “present daring and innovative performances showcasing artists and projects that address gender politics, sexuality and the LGBTQ identity.”

The festival opens with “Corporeal Decorum,” April 7 – 9 at Miami Theater Center, a multidisciplinary performance piece that explores the cultural erasure of Miami’s Art Deco District. Drawing inspiration from earlier examples of architectural preservation in Miami Beach, queer choreographer Liony Garcia reinterprets Miami’s urban and material past as a contemporary embodied form. 

Choreographer Lukas Avendaño’s “Réquiem por un alcavarán” (“Requiem for a Curlew”) will also debut April 8 – 9 at Centro Cultural Español. The work will offer a rare look at the performative dance of the Zapotec man-woman known as the muxe. Muxe culture provides a shrouded social acceptance for certain taboos while celebrating what is still seen as a transgression. A local bird, the curlew, whose mating ritual often ends up sacrificing the male for the female, inspires the dance.  

On April 15 at 8 p.m. at the North Beach Bandshell, a special double bill concert will offer performances by Miguel Gutierrez and queer Asturian musician Rodrigo Cuevas whose “Trópico de Covadonga” is “an appropriation of folklore, myths and legends of northern Spain.” 

The Makuyeika Theatre Collective will premiere the “Andares,” April 22 – 23 at 8 p.m. at Miami-Dade County Auditorium. The company uses keen, artistic sensibility to address themes of great social, cultural, and human value that create original narratives and theatricalities for Mexico’s indigenous people. Makuyeika means “wayfarer” in the language of the Wixarika people and was formed as part of a Julie Taymor World Theatre Fellowship project. “Andares” (“Pathways”) centers on the lives of indigenous youth, devised collectively through personal anecdotes, ancestral myths, as well as traditional music and art forms. 

Two contemporary Spanish artists, Marco Flores, multi-awarded bailaor and choreographer, and José Almarcha, lead guitarist, will present “Milonga, Sonata y Plata” on May 6 at 8 p.m. at Miami-Dade County Auditorium. The performance is a visual and musical dialogue that spontaneously juggles classical forms while yielding their own contemporary expression. 

The festival concludes on Saturday, May 7, with another double bill program (location to be announced) including a live literary reading by Ena Columbié that explores Latino identity and issues surrounding migration through juxtaposition of images and words, and a stand-up comedy performance by San Francisco-based artist Marga Gomez, who will explore current themes such as acculturation and gender roles in the immigrant community.

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