Thanks to Gilbert Baker, you’d be hard pressed to find a gay man or woman who doesn’t love a little color. If you’re thinking of bringing it into your house, there’s a way to do it so it doesn’t involve layers of tedious paint or expensive furnishing.

Of course, those are certainly options too.

But whether you’re tearing out walls or just throwing a new lamp in the corner, lighting is undeniably the number one way to cast new ambience in your home.

Here are three ways to get the most out of your lighting.


1. Pick a color

I’m not just talking about red, green, or blue.

Even with “normal” lighting, you have a choice between warm light and cool light.

Warm lighting, which more closely mimics evening light, is perfect for a room with more yellow, red or brown.

Cool lighting – the crisp bluish light of high noon – is best with teals, soft blue, purple, or gray rooms.

If you have a green room, consider the choice yours.

No matter which one you choose, the difference is in what pigments are drawn out. In order for a room to glow with its full potential, you should pick lighting that will draw out its strengths.

It’s a good idea to have at least one “pure” light in your room. But once you have that, don’t be afraid to experiment with some real colors. If your walls are red with yellow accents, try throwing red and yellow light bulbs into that lamp in the corner. If your bedroom is themed like a forest, consider hanging a green string of lights around the nightstand.

If you’re not feeling restrained to a particular color scheme, check out the iLuv Rainbow7 (Amazon, $29.54), a Bluetooth LED multi-colored light bulb that can be changed to any color with just your cell phone – and get ready to taste the rainbow.

Even if your walls weren’t painted before, they will be once the lights come on.


2. Postion and placement

Where a light is at makes all the difference.

If part of your room is fairly busy, small bursts of light might help break up the clutter. Think about adding a nest of LED lights behind your porcelain collection, or create a gap on your bookshelf for a color-changing orb.

How about if a wall feels fairly empty? A wall light fixture – especially one that casts light up or down the wall instead of outward – will paint the wall with new life, giving your room a handsome main attraction (besides yourself, of course). This would be the perfect opportunity to try out some theme-matching colored lights.

If your heart is set on an elegant hanging lamp or chandelier, pay careful attention to the layout of the room itself. A busy room could make it feel choked; hanging lamps are bright, and require plenty of breathing room in order for guests to admire their full grandeur.


3. Accent lighting

It doesn’t all have to steal the show.

Say you’re already happy with the way light casts, and it seems to balance well with the other décor in your home.

Instead, opt for a lighting fixture that gives a subtle burst or twinkle to your existing flourishes.

There are fairy lights for every theme imaginable – you can line your ceiling with orange and gold mini lanterns, nautical sea creatures, or just stick to tiny led lights that will cast a starry spectrum amongst your previous décor. Not only can fairy lights become their own soft light source, but you can choose a level of warmth or coolness that will further accent the lights already in the room.

How about a few candles, or a wax burner? Both come in every style under the sun!

Next time you look around your room, keep your eyes out for dark corners that your eyes normally avoid. That’s the perfect spot for a new lamp, or even a clock with backlights.

LED light strips stuck beneath ledges, under bed frames or counter edges are an easy way to transform a room into an exhibit.

When it comes to décor, it’s not just about lamps, painting walls or matching curtains.

If you have a beautiful burgundy and pink room lit by nothing but stark white light, you’re missing out on an opportunity to play with those shades and colors. Transform your home in an instant with nothing more than a little internet browsing.

All you need is a little light.