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Fort Lauderdale based painter and watercolorist Liora unveiled a show at Camp 4 Health on May 7 on the Equality Park Campus in Wilton Manors. Displayed are 31 examples in her chosen media, plus a quantity of smaller, unframed works.

“The Garden Buddah is from last year, but there are works from when I lived in Europe,” Liora said. “That was about ten or eleven years ago.”

Liora’s palette is vibrant, lush, with colors that demand attention, yet they do not scream. This is because the elements she choses artfully form not only the composition—the construction—of her work but also the colors themselves.


Watercolor is a very unique and difficult medium, though it is often times a child’s first tool in art. It must be manipulated quickly, and carefully joined, lest the colors bleed onto each other with unintended results. Liora’s energy with the paint however does not deliver “watercolor sketches,” not that these are without merit from other artists.

Her mastery of watercolor reveals controlled lines, but scenes that still evoke the energy of a day in Paris, or the a nighttime still of a Prague square. It is also apparent in her mandalas, meditative, Tibetan sand paintings rendered in paint.

Yet, the watercolors are what kept drawing me in. Their calm immediacy needed to be taken in over and over again.

Liora, a graduate of Parsons School of Design in New York City, teaches painting at ArtServe in Fort Lauderdale.

“My goal,” Liora stated, “is to elevate the viewer to a place of beauty and harmony, and awareness of the present moment, regardless of the subject (or not) that I paint.”

A portion of all proceeds will benefit Camp 4 Health.

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