I Think It's In My Head: Curated by the TM Sisters

Fort Lauderdale Girls’ Club, a contemporary art gallery space and the sole private collection in the world dedicated to exhibiting contemporary women artists has a new show opening Sunday, Nov. 10. I think it’s in my head, curated by renowned artist duo, the TM Sisters, also known as Monica and Natasha Lopez de Victoria, have examined and culled nearly 50 pieces of art from the club’s massive private collection.

“The Tracey Emin piece is where we got the title ‘I think it’s in my head’ from which we felt sets the mood for the other works,” said Natasha Lopez de Victoria of the British artist’s neon sculpture of pink and blue lettering. The TM Sisters mounted it above the rest of the pieces, beckoning viewers to scan the walls from ceiling to floor.

The multimedia show delves into the human mind and concerns mysterious subjects at play. According to the TM Sisters, they selected each piece based on a powerful attraction that spoke to them while sorting through the collection.

“The pieces that spoke to us in unison,” Natasha explained, “are more align with the show’s themes and ideas.”

Selected pieces include paintings, drawings, prints, video and sculptures, reflecting mystical elements of subtle and not-so subtle displays of metaphysical aspects, subjects undergoing metamorphosis, endearing supernatural mysteries, and telepathic communication.

“The overall idea is about the unknown and the artists’ works surrounding the unknown whether it’s an external or internal unknown,” Monica said. “Spiritual truths and physical truths are what some of the artists have weaved together. We’re very in tuned to that, and as we hung up the show we were developing a story.”

The artist sisters, of Miami, have described their own work as “electro tropical,” and have gained international notoriety for their own contemporary art works. They been featured in the New York Times, and major art press such as Art in America, and have graced the cover of ARTNews.

While they are not showing their own work in this show, they have treated the gallery’s wall with their trademark of shard lines, by painting the walls five shades of purple. Their stylistic approach to the walls creates an optical illusion in which viewers might perceive the mounted canvases as being on a slant. The color scheme from dark to light offers a joyous interplay that not only sets the mood for the show but also can trick viewers, as the colors appear to blend. Experiencing it in person is magical.

The exhibition includes South Florida artists Harumi Abe, Jen Stark, and Samantha Salzinger. International and national artists include but not limited to are Ana Mendieta, Beverly Semmes, Catherine Opie, and Claire Evans.

Claire Evans, vocalist of electro-indie outfit YACHT, who just played III Points Festival in Miami last month, is contributing an interactive piece and is also writing the text for the show’s catalogue.

Throughout the yearlong show, it closes on Sept. 26, 2014, live performance art will be featured offering a gamut of cultural experiences. Up first is Theatrical Exquisite Corpse: A Night of Experiential Theatre on Friday, November 22, from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. This collaboration with writer-in-residence Vanessa Garcia features a night of theatre concerning the surrealist tradition of the exquisite corpse. Inspired by I think it’s in my head, attendees will experience dance, performance art, and traditional theatrical performance.

I think it’s in my head opens Sunday, Nov. 10, with a twilight event from 5 to 8 p.m., and the show is on display through Sept. 26, 2014, at Girls’ Club, 117 N.E. Second St., Fort Lauderdale. Call 954-828-9151, or visit girlsclubcollection.org. Admission is free.Andrea Richard

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