Girl Noticed Project Aims to Shine a Light on Female Accomplishments

A local artist is using her work to highlight the accomplishment of women who make a positive impact on others. The artist, Lori Pratico, is also a nationally recognized muralist and portrait artist.

Girl Noticed is a nationwide charcoal mural project aimed at bringing attention and awareness to the important role females play in society.

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“With our large expressive murals, and powerful message, we hope to empower women and help girls recognize their value. The murals are created in charcoal and while they are temporary, their messages are meant to be permanent.

“I originated the project after being part of a fundraiser for an organization called Girl Rising,” Pratico said. “It was through one of their stories of a young Haitian girl, who despite the many tragedies and adversities in her life believed her life had value and she was capable of rising above the low expectations of her country and family if just someone would notice her.”

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Pratico continued: “I reflected on my own childhood and how although my challenges were very different that I too was a little girl that knew I was supposed to be more than what was expected of me, and it was the encouragement of just a handful of people in my life that helped nurture that belief. So I set out to do some noticing myself, and to use my artwork as the vehicle to do so.”

The first Girl Noticed mural was created in Hollywood, Florida back in 2015.

“It is wonderful to see communities in different states come together to witness this project,” Pratico said. “

More information on the Girl Noticed project is available at

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