Are you a drag queen with needs? You deserve your very own room to perfect your look. Be the queen of the castle with these must-have drag essentials.


Vanity Mirror with Lights and Dimmer

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Make every side your good side with this light-up vanity. With ten drawers, this is ideal for makeup-hoarding queens. The best part? The vanity comes with a 2-plug outlet, so you don’t need to travel far to use your curling iron.


Mannequin Head Forms

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Don’t just put your wigs on any old wig stand — after all that hard work, they deserve to be pampered. This swan neck mannequin head is the perfect throne for your wig of any shape or length.


RuPaul Queen Quotes Mug

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Obsessed with RuPaul’s Drag Race? Get your daily fix of both coffee and shade with this stylish mug. Quotes like “Not today, Satan” and “Ex-squeeze me?” are sure to get you through your drab Mondays.


Black Contemporary Oal Cheval Mirror

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This mirror is essential to make sure you look like perfection from head to toe. The modern oval shape won’t cut off your curves and leaves plenty of room to pose.


Catwalk Runway Stage



When it comes to rocking the catwalk, go big or go home. Or, practice your skills at home with your very own stage. It’s completely portable, allowing you to pack up your runway to pose on the go.