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Susan Buzzi’s domestic violence documentary, titled “This is How I Feel,” aims to raise awareness for domestic violence and how it can affect a victim.

Buzzi created this photodocumentary by manipulating photos she took on the computer. Her artwork will be on display until Oct. 22 at the Sunrise Civic Center Theatre and Gallery. Buzzi’s motivation for creating this artwork is the alarming statistics surrounding both men and women in intimate relationships.

Domestic violence can be physical or psychological, in which abusers insight fear, blame, or guilt, along with physical violence, such as hitting, kicking, or sexual assault. Domestic violence is a toxic cycle in which the abused person often feels like they cannot leave the relationship.

Buzzi’s artist statement reveals, “With this particular series, entitled ‘This is How I Feel,’ my focus is directed toward the issues of sexual abuse and assault; and domestic violence. Along with the widespread impact of the COVID-19 crisis, statistics have alarmingly increased and the dialogue has become critical. These are uncomfortable, yet necessary conversations taking place across the country and we all must learn the warning signs, and be observant and vigilant.”

As a former law enforcement officer, Buzzi is very familiar with this. She said that most people know someone or know someone that knows someone who has been abused or assaulted. Domestic violence has impacted her family personally, and as a law enforcement officer, this is something very important to her.

She got a grant called the Individual Artist Grant through the Broward County Cultural Division. They fund grants several times a year for artists who have proposed an idea to them. Buzzi proposed the idea through hope, healing, and awareness.

“The message really is to be aware of the statistics. They’re mindblowing.”

She continues to explain how domestic violence is especially common in the LGBT community because people don’t report violence due to stigma and judgment, and some statistics are categorized in the wrong place. For example, “Around 44% of lesbian and 61% of bisexual women have experienced forms of rape and physical violence by an intimate partner as compared to 35% of straight women,” reports “Pay attention to your friends and family to help that person if they need help, because sometimes they never have the courage to ask.”

“My main goal is to be able to educate people and empower our youth and inform them more. Give them information to deal with so they can become better young men and women in society.”