She’s Back! Dixie’s Tupperware Party Returns to Broward Center

Dixie Longate sells Tupperware, but she’s no ordinary Tupperware “lady.” Dixie is returning to South Florida with the newest line of products from the iconic company and will be setting up shop this week at Fort Lauderdale’s Broward Center for the Performing Arts, giving audiences a taste of her hit off-Broadway show, “Dixie’s Tupperware Party.”

Longate, who has appeared in South Florida several times in recent years, is particularly looking forward to the Florida sun.

“I can’t wait….I love Florida. It’s one of my favorite places. It’s so sunny, welcoming and relaxed. It’s sort of like being on vacation,” she says. “Everybody likes cocktails and that leads to too much overdrinking, which leads to crazy sex and then to the best stories you’ll ever share at church.”

Despite the popularity of the show, Longate, who has been one of the company’s top 10 salespersons for many years, has been feeling the effects of the economy. She says fans still flock to the show, but are slow to reach for their wallets when it comes time to place orders.

“I think most people aren’t convinced that I really sell Tupperware. Even though I make sure that everyone has a catalog and an order form, and demonstrate how to fill it out during the show and make sure to give each item number so people can circle their favorite products, people still look at me in awe when they find out they can really buy it,” Longate explains. “I blame it on the fact that most people are stupid. Stupid people don’t tend to realize that I am not just prancing around on stage for my health. I am doing it for the betterment of mankind by way of introducing creative food storage solutions for everyone!”

Still, Longate admits her show is not the “traditional” Tupperware party. She points out that she has sold Tupperware products in Asia and Australia, on cruise ships, and even off-Broadway, during a very successful run in New York City.

She explains, “Look at it like this—it is like I took the Tupperware party from your grandmama’s house and brought it right onstage. There are games and prizes and raffles and fun, just like at your grannie’s Tupperware party, but I kicked grannie to the curb so we could really have some fun!”

Unlike typical Tupperware salesladies, Longate has made it a full-time occupation, sometimes to the detriment of her children, 16, 10 and 3.

“Do you want one? If you buy some Tupperware, I’ll give you one with your purchase. It’s like the Estee Lauder counter at the shopping mall, you get a free gift with every purchase., so take my daughter home.” she chuckles, delighting at the prospect of unloading one of her unruly brood.

While her parenting skills have occasionally been called into question—particularly by her parole officer—Longate remains unwaveringly dedicated to Tupperware and its cutting-edge food storage technology.

“You Florida people just never know when another one of them hurricanes might come raging through and you will be left scrambling around trying to make sure that you have enough well-stored food to get you through until all the clean up happens,” she points out. “Sometimes that can take hours till everything is back to normal. And I don’t want you to be hungry during that time. I mean, you might already be missing your stories on TV. I don’t want to make matters worse by you pulling out some kind of nasty wilted spoiled food from the fridge cause it stopped working. I’m too neighborly to want that for anyone.”

Dixie’s Tupperware Party
WHERE:    Broward Center for the Performing Arts, Abdo New River Room, Fort Lauderdale
WHEN: Wed.,  April 7 – Sunday,  April 18
Tickets $29-49 at