Any geek’s home isn’t complete without a game cave to sit back and relax in on your day off. To complete your perfectly designed gaming sanctuary, these five items are must-haves.


Nintendo Switch

bundle color console


Nintendo’s latest gaming console is the Nintendo Switch, a gayming essential for adults whether you prefer solo play or a game night with a group of friends. Pop in “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” or “1-2-Switch” for hours of entertainment.


LG Super UHD 4K HDR Smart LED TV



A game cave without a 4K television is like a drag queen without her makeup. Experience your games the way they were meant to be played with a HD LG television. And since it’s a smart television, you can enjoy a wave of extra features.


Keith Wireless Video Gaming Chair

Wade LoganC2AE Keith Wireless Video Gaming Chair


Treat yourself to a deluxe experience with a completely wireless gaming chair with built-in speakers. It’s easily connected to a home theatre system or a gaming console, complete with a side control panel to adjust volume, connect to a headset and more.


Roly Poly Rocking Whiskey Glasses



Let’s be real: Things tend to get a little rambunctious when adrenaline levels soar. Don’t risk knocking over your drink — try a spill-proof whiskey glass instead. The glass’s design lets it roll in a circular motion instead of ever tipping over.


Danby Compact Kegerator

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No gayming cave is ever complete without a refrigerator, but if you’re truly daring, go all out with a kegerator. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a fridge designed to hold a keg of your favorite cold beer.