Super powers, super muscles, super endowments—and a super sense of humor. Those are the hallmarks of Canadian comic artist Fillion’s first trade paperback collection, six stories—and a series of full-page Boytoon Adventures pinups—featuring comically hyperbolic, gloriously hyper-masculine Class Comics heroes from college frat house Zeta Mega Phallus. There’s a fantasy tinge to most of the tales: in “The Ambush,” young Zahn’s nectar is milked by a race of jungle dwellers; in “The Facts,” ocean-born Mako Finn, who can breathe underwater, has made it his heroic life’s mission to protect his brothers the sharks against silly fears and senseless slaughter—a nice environmental touch.

The most reality-based story (bodacious biceps and thunderous thighs aside) is “The Match,” in which a bullying pledgemaster challenges a cocky new pledge to wrestle for his right to stay in the fraternity. Fillion’s playful young hunks will certainly fuel the erotic fantasies of readers turned on by muscle art—but, pulchritude aside, there’s also fun story-telling substance in this collection.