Art is returning to Wilton Drive this season. On the third Saturday of each month, artists and businesses will resume showcasing and selling their original work. It’s called the Wilton Manors Art Expo. The first one is Nov. 21 along Wilton Drive’s Art and Entertainment District.

Under new management and direction, the Wilton Manors Art Expo is designed to showcase local artists and musicians. The new team overseeing the expo includes Tom Rossetti (Rossetti Fine Art), Debbi Burke (Art Frenzie), DJ Colby (Wilton Creamery) and Greg Bare (Aries Media). The expo is an opportunity to pick up holiday gifts while supporting local small businesses and artists.

There was a fantastic turnout last year for artists and musicians. This year’s new organizers hope December’s Art Walk will be bigger and better. They are using a new strategy to attract both buyers and sellers.

“This season we are trying to concentrate artists to several areas on the Drive. The 2100 Block where Art Frenzie and Rossetti Fine Art are located tend to have larger sidewalks for tents and displays. The Alibi/Hunters Plaza is also a hot spot for tents,” said organizer Tom Rossetti. “The Island City Lofts have accommodated us, allowing two tents in their courtyard, and the Rumors/Progress Bar/Island City Traders area also get great exposure, including the newly built plaza with Dolce Salado and JP's Chocolate Shop, not to mention that Gallery XO, Jim Bobick Gallery and Shades of the Past are near as well.”  

Part of the new focus is making sure both ends of Wilton Drive see a steady stream of customers. “Tropics always has steady group of loyal artists who like to display there. Now with businesses like Atlantic Properties, Pink Submarine, Novel Tea and Mind Your Manors pending sponsorship, the South End of the Drive should feel more festive as well,” Rossetti said.  

The next Wilton Manor Art Expo is from 7-10 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 21.

There’s still time for sponsors and artists to participate. For more information, check out