Lesbian Play Featured in World Premiere Production

Lovers facing separation, twins facing the past, strangers facing their crimes—these are just some of the women in explored in Almost Tamed: Tales of Mayhem, Motion, & Malarky, a collection of six short plays written by Miriam Kulick and opening Friday, April 9, at the Andrews Living Art Studio in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

“It’s all women and how they relate to the outside world,” says Kulick.

Kulick, who also appears in the plays with actress Casey Dressler, had dabbled in creative writing in the past but began writing plays last summer.


“I really feel this is where my voice is,” says Kulick. “It’s my new passion.”

Playwriting also sparked a new interest in acting for Kulick, who teaches at the Acting School of South Florida.

“Generally speaking, there are too few substantial roles for women of a certain age, so I figured that instead of whining and bitching and moaning, I’m going to do something,” says Kulick.

Kulick says the plays in Almost Tamed feature women wrestling with their inner monsters. Do You Love Me Now? focuses on what women put themselves through in order to feel love and respect from the world. Girl of 13 explores the relationship between a young, isolated girl and her best friend, a bird. A Glimpse examines the relationship between lovers facing separation and dealing with their ambivalence in helping third world political victims.

While the plays are not directly related to one another, Kulick says alienation, love, and acceptance of oneself and others are recurring themes.

Almost Tamed is directed by Stuart Meltzer, who recently directed Melt by Michael McKeever at the Miracle Theatre in Coral Gables.

“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work on this new collection of plays,” says Meltzer. “My years as artistic director for City Theatre has really trained me well in the most difficult kind of play—a 10-minute-ish one.”

Almost Tamed: Tales of Mayhem, Motion, & Malarky is presented by Square Peg productions, a company Kulick formed a few years ago with local director Michael Yawney. They previously produced Three Angels Dancing on a Needle in in Miami in 2007, which was well-received and critically praised.

“My focus is on imaginative and thought-provoking work from a woman’s perspective,” says Kulick. “That’s my emphasis.”

Almost Tamed
Tales of Mayhem,
Motion, & Malarky
Opens Friday, April 9, 8 p.m., at Andrews
Living Art Studio, 23 NW 5th St., (off Andrews Ave.) in downtown Fort Lauderdale.
It runs Thursdays through Sundays until April 25.  For phone reservations, call 954-369-5503.