Anthony Timiraos and Rob Saunders first worked together at a FATVillage pop-up show in Flagler Village. FATVillage, which stands for Flagler, art, and technology, is an arts community which strives to create connections amongst its creatives. 

Appropriately, Timiraos, a photographer, and Saunders, a painter, felt their work complemented each other nicely. After a successful show at FATVillage, they anticipated future collaborations, and agreed to present a joint exhibition at the Broward Art Guild later this month. Rob Saunders has been a member of the Broward Art Guild, BAG, for many years. 

Last year, he won the top prize at the BAG’s plein aircompetition,  granting him a one-week solo gallery at the institution. It was after working with Timiraos at FATVillage and seeing their similarities that Saunders suggested sharing his solo gallery prize. 

Timiraos focuses on the male form. When looking at his work, viewers decide whether they are observing surface-level beauty or seeing the personal narrative of his models. 

His work is a celebration of people and their various compositions, capturing “models of a wide range of ages, body types, piercings, skin tones, backgrounds and personalities.” An avid traveler, Timiraos also touches on the culture of his subjects. He often shows dynamic women in local dress or travelers as they journey abroad, again, offering narrative. 

Saunders has chosen a mostly figurative style of painting, meaning he has real subject matter as the object of his paintings. Saunders claims to also focus on the “male nude as the subject matter.” 

Saunders’ models are shown leisurely, almost like the females in Edouard Manet’s paintings of the earlier 19th century. Like Timiraos, however, he hopes to also capture the character of the model beyond the aesthetics of the body’s form. He hopes audiences catch a glimpse of personality or character, simply by looking at this paintings. Saunders has also explored the minimalist abstraction of the human figure. in this way, he can strip the emotions down to simple colors or shapes. 

Both artists worked non-artistic professions before rekindling their current endeavors. Timiraos, Cuban-American, was an accountant in many large cities across the nation. His retirement, and move to Fort Lauderdale, invigorated his earlier interest in photography, which harkened back to his college years. Timiraos is also the former executive director of Our Fund, a local foundation that supports LGBT causes. 

Saunders was a journalist for many years, but in New York City, he learned the art of portrait painting at the Students Art League. There he began his career in drawing and painting. It did not become a full-time passion until his move to Fort Lauderdale in 2009. 

The Broward Art Guild is the largest non-profit of working artists in the Broward area. They offer the community a variety of gallery exhibitions, as well as juried competitions such as the plein aircompetition Saunders prized in.

 This is where the joint exhibition, Body and Soul, will take place. It will have an opening reception on March 16, at 6:30 p.m, which will kick off the weeklong exhibit taking place March 16-22. The BAG is located 3280 NE 32nd street, Ft. Lauderdale.