Q: You were the “Queen of Cosplay” for this season on “RuPaul’s Drag Race”. Right off the bat, who is your favorite superhero? 

A: Oh Storm from “X-Men” of course! 

Q: Your lip synch with Laila McQueen is going to go down in history as only the second double elimination in “RuPaul’s Drag Race” history. What do you think really happened to end up having you “sashay away” so early in the season? 

A: Neither Laila or I are girls that do disco songs, I mean, “I Wil Survive” is definitely not one of my go-to tracks. Everyone knows that song and it’s so iconic and classic, but I don't think I would ever do that song in a performance, I mean it’s such a classic! I was in a dress that I really didn’t like, and I’m performing a song I didn’t really like, in front of a bunch of people that I really respected, as well as cameras. I think it was a whole bunch of things that just really made it not my night. I mean, we all have bad days, but mine happened to be on camera. You’re welcome!

Q: Were you surprised that it was actually a double elimination? 

A: I was, very surprised actually! I was hoping that I was going to at least go back to the workroom, take the critiques to heart, learn from them, things like that. But that was not the way it was meant to be. 

Q: Now that the whole “Drag Race” experience is in the rearview mirror, what do you think was your favorite part of the entire time you were on the show? 

A: I think looking back, meeting the girls was the best part definitely. I loved the “Hello Kitty” challenge, I’m glad I got to do that at least. I was really looking forward to design challenges, where I could really make something and things like that. I kind of looked at it more as a chance to do the best work that I could for the time that I was there and I t don’t think I got the chance to really do that or show that. I don't think I got the chance to really show the best work that I could. 

Q: What do you think was the hardest part of the experience was? 

A: I definitely think the “Bitch Perfect” choreography challenge was the toughest part. If I had more time, maybe it would have been. The whole process is really fast paced and stressful; they give you your task and you have to immediately go and do it, so it’s really tough. For example, I made the “Hello Kitty” dress in seven hours. That’s seven hours for both the dress and then do my makeup and prepare for the runway. It’s a tight schedule for sure. There are always hiccups while we were there also, I mean, the power went out for three hours while we were on the set on our first day. It has to be fast paced though, you know? Same thing with the critiques we get on the runway, if they have a lot to say, it can go on for quite a while, And let me tell you, those critiques go in! That’s what keeps the show dramatic though. 

Q: You’ve worked closely with your fellow queens, so at this point, who do you think has the chance to go all the way? 

A: It could really be anybody. It’s so up in the air, and all of the girls are really talented in their own way. It’s only been two episodes, so it’s really hard to tell right now. Obviously, Kim Chi is absolutely stunning to look at, her creativity is ridiculous. I just want to get up inside her brain and peek around for a while. I mean her performances-- her on stage is so much fun to watch. Bob the Drag Queen and Thorgy Thor are hilarious, Naomi (Smalls) is gorgeous and amazing too. Everyone is so different and there are no two girls that are alike. 

Q: Who were you going to do for “Snatch Game”? 

A: Scary Spice. I was looking so forward to it, you have no idea! 

Q: What do you think the love affair between gay men and superheroes stems from? 

A: I that there is always something weird, sad, or wrong with them. They have secret powers that they have, and no one can ever know! I think all of those parallels all come into play. 

Q: Now that you have national exposure, where do you think you want to go in the next five years? 

A: I really want to bridge the gap between drag and cosplay, go to conventions-- really create art. I’m working on a graphic novel right now, hopefully it will be ready soon, once I have time to finish it up. I really just want to concentrate on my art in general.